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Ginny Ekins, Washington

On September 18th survivors and doctors from organizations across the country stormed the Hill for NIH. While I have taken part in You’re the Cure Lobby Day with the American Heart Association in the past, I have never had the chance to meet so many survivors from so many different diseases before. But we all had one thing in common: we wouldn't be here without the NIH. It was this message that we took to the Hill, and I believe it was this message that got through. 

As we all know the climate on the Hill is rather tense right now when it comes to the budget. Because of this I really wasn't sure what kind of response we would get when asking them to restore the funding to the NIH. However, not a single representative, that I met with at least, opposed this ask. In fact, 3 out of the 4 said they had already set up discussions with researchers and penned letters to their fellow representatives to ask that they too support this ask. 

It was incredible to meet these fellow survivors, and it was also incredible to hear that we have the support of so many representatives. The most important thing that one of them told me, is that the stories they hear, from people like us, is what motivates them to fight to keep the funding for NIH.

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