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Erica Ralston, Business Development Director, California

My Grandfather passed away at the age of 40 after three heart attacks. My mom was 11 and I was not in the picture. But his absence in my life has already been felt. I know it is genetic for my family. I do my best every day to make the choices that will keep me around for my grandkids. And I make it my mission to tell others that this disease does not discriminate. It affects individuals of all ages and genders. Take your health into your hands today. It is all you have.

If we all work together to advocate for healthier options in vending machines, improved nutrition & physical education in schools and access to bike paths and walking paths, we would be on a great path to a heart healthy community.

Don’t know how to get started with a heart healthy lifestyle change? A great way to start is with others just like you. The American Heart Association’s Start Training program is a half marathon training program designed to help non-active and low activity individuals to train and complete a half marathon. Hundreds have completed the program successfully and keep coming back every year. Through Start Training, you get the professional support needed to train and make walking (or running) become a part of your lifestyle. Click here to learn more about the program and find a program in your area.

I hope you will join me on a walking path this winter as I walk toward a healthier future for my family… and yours.

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