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Dr. Bob Urata, Alaska

Long-time AHA volunteer Dr. Bob Urata is a well-loved physician in his hometown of Juneau and a well-known friend around the Alaska State Capitol. As a veteran advocate and current Alaska State Advocacy Task Force Member, he is AHA’s go-to volunteer in Alaska's capitol city.

So often a key piece of legislation comes to a critical point and without the right advocate urging legislators for support, it fails to move through the legislative process and our chance to improve community health fails along with it. When needing help pushing a bill over the finish line, a message to legislators from Dr. Urata gets the job done nearly every time. Dr. Urata has made countless phone calls, testified on behalf of numerous AHA-supported bills, and traveled to Washington, DC to advocate for federal issues like medical research funding.

It is Dr. Urata’s commitment to community health and thorough knowledge of AHA priorities that have made him a highly respected voice at the Capitol. Our hearty thanks to Dr. Urata for lending his expertise, time and energy to further lifesaving measures here in Alaska!

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