Bruce Hoffman, Connecticut


Working as a volunteer advocate for the American Heart Association has become a real passion of mine. I wear many hats in my professional life and I see firsthand the importance of AHA’s advocacy agenda.  I am also a volunteer advisor and trainer for the Ellington Volunteer Ambulance Corp and the Ellington Rescue Post 512. In this capacity I work with youth who are aiming to become part of the EMS community. For this reason, I appreciate the American Heart Association’s effort to ensure every Connecticut High School student graduates with the lifesaving skill of CPR. My professional experience includes working in Cardiac Cauterization Laboratory at the Saint Francis Hospital and most recently working with a critical care transport team as a nurse and a paramedic. In this capacity I witness in real-time why bystander CPR is so vital during those first moments when a person is struck down by Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  One of my personal highlights is bringing youth from the Ellington Rescue Post to the Connecticut State Capitol to introduce lawmakers to young people who are dedicated to saving lives and promoting CPR training in high school.  We all can be advocates for change. We need your voice as we work to make CT heart healthy and stroke free!



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