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My name is Brad Dornbos. I am a Firefighter and EMS Coordinator for the City of Wyoming Department of Public Safety. 

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I am an American Heart Association CPR Instructor and teach CPR/First Aid classes along with the use of AEDs for companies and schools on my days off.  Working for the City we see on a daily basis how important and vital it is to know CPR.  We are always happy when people call to set up a class and when we see bystanders performing CPR prior to our arrival. 

The value of CPR training cannot be expressed enough.  Actually being on scene and watching family, friends, and co-workers providing this lifesaving CPR is quite rewarding, along with the surreal anticipation of knowing that your CPR and AED could save that patient’s life.  Training is so simple, easy and quick.  We should be advocating the training in schools and workplaces more than we are now.

Recently I had the opportunity to teach for a local company in which we had several trainings that included CPR and AED training for the layperson rescuer.  This was an initial training class for new employees at this facility.  Staff was eager to learn and asked many good questions during this three-hour training.  I had classes scheduled during the week and also the following week.  Upon starting training the following week, I was asked if I had heard what had happened over the weekend at the local Wal-Mart involving one of the company’s employees that was in last week’s training class.  The staff told me that one person in class was able to do CPR and use an AED in a cardiac arrest event at the store.  This employee saved a customers life.  He was able to do what he was taught in training and use the AED before EMS arrival.  The employee was pretty shook up with what he had to do, but he did it, and that is the important part.

Just this one simple story of probably hundreds across the country just goes to prove that CPR does save lives.  This company that I had taught saw value in the training for their employees in the workplace and also as evident the impact it made outside the workplace as well.  So I implore you, each and every one of you who are reading this, find a CPR class, and take the training.  You never know when you might be on the receiving end of someone's lifesaving training.


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