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Guest Blogger – Marc Watterson

Last month I had a chance to share with you some of the pictures and stories that we have collected over the past year speaking to the need for SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOLS.

Now it’s your turn!

We challenged each of you to prepare for the new school year by taking the opportunity to walk the path that your children or grandchildren are now embarking upon. We hope that you have seen for yourself what the route your child takes looks like. If you found problem areas, we hope that you took advantage of this time to help your little ones know how to navigate around them.

So, now that you have taken the time to document where these areas are and snap a picture of them as well as alerting your children to the dangers, we would now like to provide you with an opportunity to share these pictures, locations, and stories with us and your locally elected officials.

Using #SafeRoutesUT and #utpol, tag your local city/councilman/mayor/ or legislator and upload these pictures to social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Use this as an opportunity to help your elected officials understand this critical issue. Help them know that there are things all of us can do to fix these issues in each of our communities.

With your help, and working with the State’s Safe Routes to School Program, we will make a difference for the children around us and help create safer, more accessible neighborhoods for all of us to enjoy.

If you don’t have access to a social media site feel free to send these images to Grace Henscheid at [email protected].

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