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I had a cardiac arrest when I was 13 years old. My parents found me on the floor in my bedroom.  At the time they did not know what happened, but they noticed that I wasn't breathing. 

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My Mom called 911 and my dad started CPR. The only training that he had had was from was from when he was in high school. It wasn't the newest method of CPR but obviously it was still effective because it saved my life.  The medical professionals who treated me that day told my parents that for every minute that your body doesn't receive oxygen your chance of not surviving increases by 10%. 

I was in the hospital for two weeks before I came home.  While I was there, they implanted an ICD (Internal Cardiac Defibrilator) in my heart. This device will shock my heart back into rhythm if I ever have another cardiac arrest. I recently took a CPR course and am now certified. 

I believe that CPR should be a high school graduation requirement in my state.  It is something fairly easy to learn, but is so effective in helping to save a life!  I am told that you are more likely to give a family member CPR than you are a stranger. So why not know such a simple thing so you could save the life of someone you love?

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