Shantha Diaz, Rhode Island


I lost both my parents to heart attacks.  They were in their 70’s and I thought it was the norm. 5 years ago I lost my brother to a heart attack.  He was only 56 years old. This was my wake up call.

Based on my family history my doctor ran some tests.  The result was not pretty.  The results indicated “I was a ticking bomb, a classic case to have a stroke or an attack.”  I felt my doctor had read me my rights. He told me that it was time I made some lifestyle changes myself. 

I was at a cross road.  I was educated that cardiac events are preventable.  I was presented with options and the decision was mine.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I chose the path of prevention. I followed a plant based nutritional program and started exercising. I lost 40 pounds and reversed my condition!  I’m living proof that prevention is the cure.

My husband Henry has been the biggest cheerleader.  He supported me in changing my lifestyle and together we are healthier than before.

My family inspires me.  My grand baby is WHY I continue on the journey “Prevention is Better than Cure.”


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