Doing My Part for a Healthy Future

Advocacy gives me an opportunity to represent myself, my family, community, and profession. I’m doing my part to influence a healthy future for all those I love and to speak up on the issues that are important to health.   

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Through my partnership with AHA You’re the Cure, I lobby for health policies that promote heart disease prevention and evidence – based treatment options for individuals with heart disease. I advocate for health policies that allow full practice authority for advanced practice nurse practitioners to improve access to care through the delivery of quality service and achievement of favorable health outcomes.

Evidence suggests that participation in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation decreases cardiovascular deaths and hospital readmissions. However, access to care is a barrier to participation in approximately 80% of individuals who quality. Removing access to care barriers will positively influence health outcomes. Thus, I continue to lobby for increasing access to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to authorize advanced practice nurse practitioners to order and provide supervision of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Through advocacy and active lobbying, I hope that many lives will be saved and care delivery enhanced to achieve successful outcomes. 

Shannon Shumaker, PhD, APRN, ACNP-BC, MSN, RN
Louisville, KY 

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