Session Might Be Over but the Work Continues

Even though the 2018 Legislative Session is over we are still hard at work on our policy efforts to provide more Safe Routes to School for Idaho’s kids, raise the age for tobacco sales to 21, ensure everyone has access to affordable health care, and build a healthier Idaho!

hero_image_alt_text===Kids walking with an adult
thumbnail_alt_text===Kids walking with an adult

While we were not able to pass legislation to secure Safe Routes policies, we were able to ensure funding for child and pedestrian safety projects was available based on 2017 legislation. Grant awards have been announced, and 12 projects across the state will be funded to help improve the safety and ability of children, and entire communities, to walk and bike. For more information on the projects, visit Over the next several months, we will be working with our partners and traveling the state to identify other areas of need and discussing how Safe Routes programs and projects can benefits schools and their communities.

Tobacco to 21 legislation continues to be a major topic of conversation, and as the primary elections are in full swing, we are working to increase awareness and question candidates about their position on reducing an addiction that is one of the primary drivers of preventable disease and healthcare costs nationwide. We are always on the lookout for more advocates to join us in our fight to stop tobacco companies from targeting youth and creating a new generation hooked on tobacco products.

The fight for Idaho’s uninsured population rolls on as well, with no legislation moving forward this year, and with continued uncertainty at the federal level. We are involved in many conversations to monitor what changes may come, and how we can be prepared to advocate for our patients, survivors, caretakers, and volunteers who know the huge impact stroke and heart disease can have on an individual. Those impacts are only exacerbated when an individual doesn’t have insurance coverage, is underinsured, or lacks adequate and affordable care. Nobody should suffer for lack of appropriate health care, and we are working hard to expand access to all Idahoans as we make this a major topic of conversation in town halls, public forums, and communities across the state over the next several months.

Please join us in our work to build a healthy Idaho, learn more about what we’re doing to ensure happy, healthy communities, and celebrate with us as we move to shape a state where we all have access to good health, can be physically active, and smoke free!



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