Session Has Kicked Off in Alaska!

Session is off to a great start! 2024 is the second year of the two-year Alaska legislative session, with healthcare issues headlining the agenda. Legislation AHA is prioritizing has been introduced and some are already moving through committee.


One bill to highlight is HB100 by Representative Armstrong. The bill addresses the need for paid family and medical leave. Too many workers are forced to sacrifice their savings or their jobs when they need time off to bond with a new child or care for themselves or their families. We know that paid family and medical leave is important for the health of adults and children, especially their heart health and are thrilled HB100 is moving forward.

There has also been a hearing on how to improve access to quality childcare, a priority of the legislature and the AHA. 

Many children spend a significant part of their day in early care and education programs, and we need to ensure parents have access to quality childcare and that the workforce is supported.

We are excited for this session and the opportunity to move these important policies forward as well as those related to tobacco control and prevention and ensuring students learn CPR prior to graduation.

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