• Is this the right time to pursue a policy with restaurants being affected by closure orders related to Covid-19? 
    • COVID has magnified the inequities in our community related to health outcomes, access to care, and access to healthy foods. Now is the perfect time to put in place policies to address access to healthy foods.

  • Is this the government telling restaurants what goes on a menu? 
    • The healthy default drinks policy is meant to support families looking for healthy options, not an attempt to legislate what restaurants serve. Restaurants can choose which healthy beverage options they include with the meal, if they choose to have a kids’ meal or a kids’ meal with a beverage. Parents could still choose to order whatever drink they’d like for their child off the menu. Data shows that by providing healthy defaults, more parents and kids will choose a healthy drink.

  • Will this affect corner stores?
    • This policy does not in any way affect retail businesses, including convenient stores. Only restaurants that serve kids’ meals within St. Louis County and St. Louis City would be affected.

  • Will this be expensive for restaurants?
    • The policy does not represent an additional cost to restaurants. Many already have a variety of drinks on their menus, and they retain the ability to choose which healthy drinks they’ll offer on the kids’ menu. Water is a healthy, low-cost option that satisfies the requirements of the policy.