About our campaign


The Serve Kids Better Task Force is working on a unified strategy across the St. Louis region to promote the health of kids - ensuring healthier drink choices (like water or unflavored milk) are the first choice when they order a kids’ meal at St. Louis restaurants.

Between juggling work schedules, homework and after-school activities, families are eating out more than ever. Unfortunately, when kids eat out, they have more sugary drinks. In fact, kids consume enough sugary drinks each year to fill a bathtub!

That’s right. On average, U.S. children are consuming over 30 gallons of sugary drinks every year. That’s 10 times the recommended amount.  This puts our kids at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes.

So, what can we, as parents and community members, do to protect our children and change our community?

We can take a simple step to promote healthy choices and help kids grow up at a healthy weight by removing sugary drinks as a default beverage option on kids’ meals in St. Louis city and county restaurants. And we can do this by talking to our local restaurant owners and asking our decision makers to pass policies that ensure restaurants Serve Kids Better.

The American Heart Association recommends:

  • children under the age of two have no added sugars in their diets (food or drinks)
  • children and teens have less than six teaspoons of added sugar a day and no more than eight ounces of sugary drinks per week.

Join our efforts!