Speak Out to Serve Cleveland's Kids Better

Cleveland's families need your voice! Urge City Council members to help #servekidsbetter by supporting healthier options in kids' meals.


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Between juggling work schedules, school and activities, busy families are ordering out more than ever. Unfortunately, kids' meals are often high in calories, saturated fat, sugar and sodium--and low in nutrition. In fact, children eat almost twice as many calories when they eat a meal at a restaurant than when they eat a meal at home. Cleveland families need your voice!
Cleveland City Council has an opportunity to take a common-sense step to address kids’ health by ensuring that restaurant kids’ meals include healthy entrees and sides. By asking local restaurants to offer more fruit, vegetables and whole grains, as well as adhering to recommended limits on calories, salt and fat, City Council can promote healthy choices and help kids grow up at a healthy weight. And a healthy entrees and sides policy doesn’t restrict choice; parents could still order anything they want for their kids from the wider menu.
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