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Sending CHD 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'


 Every precious child on this 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' video has survived a congenital heart defect (CHD). Click and listen to grateful Dads sing with their children.

Help us get this issue 'over the rainbow' this year: Tell your legislators CHD screening using pulse oximetry should be added to NC's newborn screening panel.

Approximately 1 in 125 newborns has CHD. About 25% of these have a critical CHD. Tragically, more than 1,400 children with CHD do not live to celebrate their first birthday. It's high time we could count on pulse oximetry screening in North Carolina to make sure no child's critical CHD goes undetected.

Help make dreams come true. Click here to send your customizable letter now. Dads (and moms) everywhere in North Carolina will be SO appreciative!

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