Latest Senate health care bill stopped!

I am sure you heard the big news this week that the U.S. Senate does not have the votes to pass the latest health care proposal known as “Graham-Cassidy”! Stopping this bill is vitally important for the health of all Americans, including those with cardiovascular disease. 

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If passed, this bill would have cut health insurance coverage for millions and eliminated critical protections for heart and stroke patients.

But we only stopped this bill because of advocates like you! Since January, you have been with us through every twist and turn and continued to email, call, and tweet your lawmakers urging them to make sure insurance is accessible, affordable and adequate for everyone.

And your impact made all the difference. Take a look at what we have accomplished together since January:

You’re the Cure advocates have:

  • Sent more than 3,000 emails to Congress
  • Made over 17 hours of phone calls to Capitol Hill
  • Attended almost 300 meetings with Congressional offices

Even though this bill failed, we expect discussions on how to change the health care system to continue. But rest assured we will continue to fight for affordable, accessible and adequate care for all Americans, especially those with heart disease and stroke.

Thank you for everything you do!

 Thank you for all your calls, emails and tweets to #ProtectPatientsNow


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