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Senate Includes Measure to Increase Data Pertaining to Women in Clinical Trials


Think all prescription drugs and medical devices react the same in men and women? They don’t. However, the FDA has limited data on how drugs or devices affect the genders, and the consequences can be deadly.

However, Senator Debbie Stabenow is trying to change that.

Recently, the Senate passed a measure to require the FDA to report on issues relating to how drugs or devices affect both males and females. According to Senator Stabenow, 75 percent of clinical trials do not report on results pertaining to gender because of the large amounts of males in the trials.

“Women react differently than men so it’s very important that we have the right research. It could mean the difference between life and death and unfortunately the information is not always available,” said Stabenow in a recent call with reporters.

This legislation tries to change that and provide both men and women the information that they need to make the right medical choices.

Now this legislation goes to the House for consideration. Stay tuned for more updates.

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