Tips and Tricks for Digital Advocacy

Thanks to the advocates who joined Kim VanVeen and me on our March You're the Cure Southeast chat! We enjoyed the lively discussion about tips and tricks we've learned over the past twelve months, as we've relied more heavily on digital advocacy.


Tips and Tricks

Take a look at just ten of the ideas discussed on the chat! Special thanks to the advocates who helped grow our initial list on the call. We'd love to know: Which tip is most helpful to you? Which tip would you add to the list? Comment below! 

  1. Build relationships with your lawmakers and their staff. For example, send an an article you have read that may interest them or send them a heart-healthy tip.
  2. Sign up for your elected officials’ email lists to stay informed on their events and policy efforts. 
  3. Participate in your lawmakers' town halls! Reach out to us in advance, if you want to speak about a policy issue specific to the AHA.
  4. Research and follow your lawmakers on social media. Comment on their posts.
  5. Be persistent if you can't reach your lawmaker via one channel. Try other methods, especially if you're contacting them with a legislative ask.
  6. Call your lawmakers and follow up with an email or a hand-written note! You're welcome to work with us to build your confidence to place a direct, one on one call.
  7. Send materials in advance of your meeting with a lawmaker, so their office can prepare for the meeting and your time with them will be maximized. Follow up with your lawmaker after the meeting!  
  8. Update your You're the Cure profile with your home address, the issues that interest you the most, and the email address and mobile number you'd like us to send alerts to. This will ensure you receive emails of interest to you with opportunities to contact the lawmakers they actually represent you.
  9. Follow AHA's Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to advocacy.
  10. Participate in AHA's virtual advocacy events, like our Digital Days of Action in the Southeast. 

Join Our Next Chat

We invite you to join us for our next You're the Cure Southeast chat on Monday, April 26 at our usual time, 11:30 am EST / 10:30 am CST. Register now! We host these 30-minute monthly calls, as a way to share a behind the scenes look at the American Heart Association's public policy efforts and to help volunteers further develop their grassroots skills.

Julie M. Howell and Kim VanVeen are Grassroots Managers for the American Heart Association in the Southeast. Together, they engage volunteers and staff in the Association's public policy efforts Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico.

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