Saving Lives Through Detection


You’ve helped us pass some lifesaving legislation this year and now we need your help to thank Lawmakers for their work, especially our champions who did a lot of heavy lifting within the legislative process. 

Thank Arkansas lawmakers for passing Pulse-Ox Newborn Heart Screenings!

Elected officials hear from the general public all the time, but rarely are they thanked for a job well done. You can help us cultivate positive relationships and empower members to continue to pass lifesaving measures.

HB 1468 will help reduce death and disability from congenital heart defects by requiring a simple noninvasive test that helps with detection. This test will help catch newborns with a critical defect and allow medical professionals to put a plan in place to treat the defect immediately.

It will also help catch the cases that may have gone unnoticed for years or decades. The bottom line is that HB 1468 will reduce the death and disability caused by heart disease

I’d like to highlight a few of the main players who made this new law possible including all the authors and co-authors:

Representative Kim Hammer
Representative Charlene Fite
Representative Andy Mayberry
Senator Jeremy Hutchinson
Senator Jonathan Dismang

And a special THANK YOU to Governor Mike Beebe for signing the legislation into law and for the public bill signing that brought families and individuals touched by Congenital Heart Defects at this important occasion.

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