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Save NC's Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Programs

This week we celebrate Kick Butts Day, a day devoted to encouraging people not to smoke. Recently, the US Surgeon General released the 31st tobacco-related report. It describes the epidemic of tobacco use among youth and young adults. The study shows that almost no one starts smoking after age 25. Early cardiovascular damage is seen in most young smokers; those most sensitive are at greater risk of dying very young. Among youth who persist in smoking, a third will die prematurely from smoking.

North Carolina tobacco use prevention and cessation programs that began with the Health and Wellness Trust Fund will end June 30, 2012, unless our lawmakers act to continue these successful programs.

Neil Dorsey, Eastern NC AHA Advocacy Team Leader, told us why he is a passionate advocate for this issue:
"Tobacco prevention is always cheaper, and most effective, than treatment in the long run. Without cessation programs, we cannot adequately attack tobacco addiction. It is short sighted to not fund prevention and cessation when one looks at the long term cost, both fiscal and human. It is for these reasons that I advocate for full funding of prevention and cessation programming."

Join Neil and tell your lawmakers that NC can't afford to let our tobacco control programs end.
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