Safety Checklist Should Include CPR


With fall sports upon us, young athletes of all ages are participating in school and club sports across North Dakota.  Hot weather and intense, physical practices and games can increase a child's risk for injury and other health-related concerns.  NPR recently published a checklist to help parents, educators and coaches be aware of the increased risks associated with sports.  The checklist includes having a sports trainer on hand at all times, and ensuring that there is access to an automated external defibrilator (AED) during practices and games.  In addition to these suggestions, perhaps if every student learned how to do CPR as a graduation requirement, not only would this be an important, life-long skill, it may be a life-saving skill on the sidelines.  States across the country, like Minnesota, are requiring students to learn CPR prior to graduation.  Imagine the impact that could have at sporting events if every athlete on the field or court knew how to perform CPR.  The legislature recently appropriated funds to North Dakota schools to include CPR instruction in their curriculum.  We strongly encourage North Dakota to join neighboring states such as Minnesota to take the next step and require CPR instruction as a graduation requirement. For more on the safety checklist, CLICK HERE.   

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