SAC Member Roderick Harvey, CPA, Comes to Tallahassee

New Florida Advocacy Committee member Roderick Harvey recently joined the Florida Government Relations team of Mark Landreth and Rivers Buford in the Capitol.


Harvey, a CPA by profession, advised a half a dozen legislators he was not only interested in making sure they were financially healthy, but also good public policy healthy. With Harvey’s help and personal relationship with Senator Bobby Powell, Harvey was able to help educate the Senator about the American Heart Association's proposed legislation on standards of care for stroke patients. By the time we left his office, we had a handshake agreement that he would sponsor our legislation this year.

This is a huge success story! 

Every relationship you have with an elected official is important and can make a difference. Let us know if you know a statewide elected official and we will get you on the “help us sponsor the bill” team.

Thanks again, Roderick, and all our You’re the Cure volunteers for all you do! We couldn’t do it without you.

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