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You’re the Cure volunteers from across the country have started sitting down with lawmakers for the August legislative recess, and they’re making sure heart healthy policies are at the top of the agenda.

They’re explaining why healthy school meals are critical to ensuring our kids can succeed in the classroom. They’re asking to change a key Medicare provision so that more victims of cardiac events will be able to take advantage of rehabilitation programs that can dramatically improve recovery. 

They’re pointing out that even with a recent increase in federal research funding, we still need to deepen our commitment to finding the cures that could one day end heart disease and stroke. They’re sharing the good news about how telemedicine services can make a huge impact with stroke patients.

And the best part is that it’s not too late to step up and take part! Fill out this quick survey and we’ll follow up to help get your meeting scheduled. And be sure to share your experience on your social networks so your friends and family know that this August, you’re on a #RoadTripWithHeart.

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