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HealthSource RI: Connecting Rhode Islanders with Quality, Affordable Healthcare


Accessible and affordable health insurance is critical for preventing and treating heart disease and stroke.  After decades in which the number of people without health insurance has been increasing, we have an unprecedented opportunity to expand coverage for millions of Americans! 

If you or someone you know is uninsured or does not have access to affordable health coverage, help is available. The Rhode Island Health Insurance Marketplace – HealthSource RI – will make it easier for people without healthcare coverage to learn about their options and enroll in a plan that meets their needs. Rhode Islanders can contact HealthSource RI at 1-855-840-HSRI (4774) or visit to learn more.   

HealthSource RI provides a single location where individuals without insurance and small businesses can shop for private health insurance that fits their budget.  Consumers will be able to see what their premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs would be under various plans to make apples-to-apples comparisons of their different options before enrolling.  

Research has shown that people with health insurance have greater access to primary care and preventative services; are more likely to take their medications to control risk factors; are more likely to call 9-1-1 if they're experiencing heart attack or stroke symptoms; and, generally have better health outcomes and are less likely to die.  

Contact HealthSource RI at 1-855-840-HSRI (4774) or visit to learn more today - and please help spread the word!  Important dates to remember:      

  • October 1, 2013 – HealthSource RI opens
  • January 1, 2014 – Coverage becomes effective if enrolled by December 15, 2013
  • March 31, 2014 – Open enrollment ends  

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