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Rhode Island House & Senate Approve Stroke Bill


The Rhode Island House of Representatives and the Rhode Island Senate have unanimously passed our stroke bill, ensuring quality stroke care for Rhode Islanders!

This bill makes some important updates to the Stroke Prevention and Treatment Act of 2009. While the changes in the stroke bill are fairly minor, they are important and will allow the Rhode Island Stroke Task Force to continue its charge of improving the system of care for stroke patients in the Ocean State.  Proposed updates include:

  • Relaxing the stroke registry reporting requirement by allowing hospitals flexibility to use different data platforms; 
  • Adding a Comprehensive Stroke Center designation.  This is a level above the Primary Stroke Centers created by the original Law - there is already one hospital in Rhode Island that has achieved this high level designation; and,
  • Adding language that would require an annual review of the EMS Pre-Hospital Care Protocols for stroke.  

When the Stroke Prevention and Treatment Act was enacted nearly six years ago, there were just two Primary Stroke Centers in Rhode Island.  We now have seven Primary Stroke Centers and one Comprehensive Stroke Center.  Thanks to the work of the Stroke Task Force and dedicated You’re the Cure advocates, Rhode Island is considered a national model for stroke care. 

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