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Rhode Island Senate to Vote on School Marketing Bill


Great news!  On March 25, the Senate Education Committee voted to recommend passage of our bill that would prohibit unhealthy food and beverage advertising in Rhode Island schools.  A vote before the full Senate is expected soon.

National, state, and local efforts have greatly improved the nutritional quality of foods served in our schools, but some schools still allow the advertising of foods high in calories, fat, and sugar. You might assume that since it can’t be served in school it can’t be advertised there, but companies have found the loophole and we need to close it. Schools should be a safe and nurturing environment – we need to make sure our kids don’t get bombarded by ads trying to make them lifelong customers of fast food or soda companies.

We’re almost there Rhode Island!  According to a recent report, more than 80% of Rhode Island middle schools and high schools already prohibit unhealthy food and beverage advertisements in school buildings, on school grounds, on school buses and in school publications.  Let’s get to 100% and ensure a healthy school environment for all Rhode Island students. 

Be on the lookout for more action alerts on this important issue as it moves through the legislative process!


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