Rhode Island Legislative Session Heads into Home Stretch


We are heading into the final weeks of the 2016 RI Legislative Session. With several priority bills still in play, we need your continued support to keep the pressure on our legislators! 

  • Our bills related to school nutrition and healthy school marketing have both passed the Senate and await action in the House.  As a reminder, the first bill would update Rhode Island’s school nutrition standards to ensure that Rhode Island meets – and continues to exceed – new federal guidelines for snacks and beverages sold in schools.  The second bill would ensure that only healthy foods and beverages are advertised and marketed to children on school property.  Please help us get these bills through the House!  Click the following link to send a message to Speaker Mattiello today:  https://yourethecure.org/aha/advocacy/composeletters.aspx?AlertID=38232
  • As lawmakers put their finishing touches on the budget, we are lobbying them to include Governor Raimondo’s proposed Green Economy Bond Referendum that would provide funding for bike paths and recreation in the Ocean State (increasing opportunities for physical activity).  Voters would have to approve the bond question on the November Ballot.
  • Lastly, we continue to urge state leaders to fund CPR training in high schools in an effort to fully implement our CPR in Schools Law that requires all high school students to be trained in this lifesaving skill prior to graduation. 

Please stay tuned over the coming weeks!  Questions? Please contact Megan Tucker, Director of Government Relations at (401) 228-2331 or [email protected].  

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