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Rhode Island Advocate Testifies on Funding for CPR in Schools


Rhode Island advocate and Board member John Potvin, EMT-C, recently testified before the House Finance Committee in support of House Bill 7414, by Representative Eileen Naughton, which would appropriate $75,000 to the Department of Health in FY 2015 to purchase new cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) manikins for high schools in our state.  This modest amount of funding could go a long way toward helping schools implement the 2013 CPR in Schools Law.

The 2013 CPR in Schools Law requires all high school students to receive hands-on CPR training and an overview of automated external defibrillator (AED) use prior to graduation as part of the health education curriculum.  This lifesaving measure was championed by the American Heart Association in partnership with State Senator James E. Doyle, II (D-District 8-Pawtucket) and State Representative Joseph M. McNamara (D-District 19-Cranston, Warwick).  While there are many ways this new requirement can be accomplished, providing purpose-built CPR manikins will help ensure quality training for all students.

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen any place, and at any time.  CPR is the lifesaving solution, doubling or even tripling survival rates.  If bystanders do not perform CPR, most victims die.  Sadly, the demand for CPR is high, but the supply of people with basic CPR skills is low and inconsistent.

With the help of the General Assembly, we will create a generation of lifesavers and heroes in Rhode Island!

Click the following link to view our CPR in Schools Funding fact sheet.  Please share this document with your senator and representative!

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