Resolutions still count past January 2nd!

If you’re like me, the idea of making a resolution for self-improvement may have crossed your mind this year.  But then life happens, and it can be difficult to keep to what we’ve vowed to ourselves we will change in the new year.  That makes you normal!

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There is also still plenty of time to make a difference in 2019 – beginning with You’re the Cure.

“Okay – how?” you may ask.  Well, I asked some of our State Advocacy Coordinating Committee chairs the same thing, what some of their advocacy resolutions were and how they’d like to become more involved this year.

Stacey Derrick, Chair of our South Carolina ACC, said “My 2019 advocacy resolution is to develop and maintain an ongoing, working relationship with the local, state, and federal government officials representing my area.  This can be accomplished through increased social media interactions, attendance of their events, and written communication.”

We agree with Stacey, building relationships with your legislators can be accomplished in a myriad of ways – and they are all important!

Jennifer Collins, Chair of the NC ACC, added her resolution: I resolve to be an active advocate, looking for opportunities to support AHA initiatives in my local community.

Jennifer raises another valuable point: staying active in your local community, especially if we have moving policy campaigns, is a great way to make a direct difference you can feel at home.

What are your resolutions?  Do you want to join more Grassroots trainings? – we’d love to have you!  How about taking action on more alerts? – you can check out what’s going on in your state’s action center.  Maybe you just want to resolve to do more of what you can – and as your Grassroots Director, I can help plug you in.

Whatever you resolve, just know how much we appreciate all that you do with You’re the Cure – and how glad we are to be able to work with you!


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