Check out this article about Northwest Indiana residents access to health foods, featuring Danielle Patterson, Government Relations Director with the American Heart Association


 Less than three miles from Gary is what Chickita Merriweather would describe as a food haven. But getting there is no small feat.

The mother of seven embarks on an hour long journey every two weeks, which includes a seven-block walk on sometimes inaccessible streets to get to the nearest bus stop. The long bus ride takes her to the closet grocery stores in another community – Merrillville.

“Buses don’t run very often. Some come every hour, and if you miss one you have to wait another hour. It’s a really frustrating experience just to find food,” said Merriweather.

The Times recently highlighted an Associated Press investigation that revealed large food retailers opened 36 new supermarkets across Indiana in the last four years, yet only three were in areas that have limited access to fresh meat and produce.

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