Research Day of Action

On September 14th, over 300 organizations will come together as one and urge Congress to make medical research a priority. Together, our voice will make a big impact… but we need you to join us!

The need for more heart and stroke research is great. Right now, one in three Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease…and it is expected to get worse. By 2035, 45% of the U.S. population will live with cardiovascular disease at an annual cost of more than $1 trillion.

That is why we need you to be a part of the movement. Will you sign-up for the September 14th Day of Action?

When you sign-up, you will get to choose how to participate. You can either:

  1. Email your members of Congress
  2. Call your lawmakers
  3. Tweet at Congress

And of course, you can do all three!

How can we stop more of our loved ones from dying from this disease? The answer is more heart and stroke research.

Will you join our Day of Action today?