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Take Action to Save Medical Research!


Congress is considering drastic measures in order to reduce the deficit, including “sequestration,” which means arbitrary, across-the-board cuts to most federal programs. Medical research funding is slated to be cut by more than 8%, about $2.5 billion, which would halt heart and stroke research projects and wipe out 33,000 jobs across the country. 

Contact Congress today. Tell them WE NEED CURES, NOT CUTS!

Deficit reduction is important, but continued cuts that stifle medical progress are the wrong way to do it. Funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our nation’s preeminent research institution, provides thousands of jobs and drives additional economic activity. If Congress enacts these cuts, economic growth will slow while we also jeopardize our role as a world leader in medical research. 

These are cuts we simply cannot afford. 

With these cuts, we all lose valuable time in the battle against heart disease, stroke, and other diseases like Alzheimer’s  disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, muscular dystrophy, lupus…you get the picture. We can’t let that happen. 

This week, we join with many other groups in raising our voices to protect NIH funding. It’s time to tell Congress: WE NEED CURES, NOT CUTS!

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