Rep. Macaig, Acting FAST on Stroke

When someone is having a stroke, Rep. Terry Macaig knows you need to act FAST. As a stroke survivor, he should know.

hero_image_alt_text===Terry Macaig
thumbnail_alt_text===Terry Macaig

Terry Macaig, of Williston, was driving home from the Statehouse last January when he and his passenger noticed his garbled speech and called 911 immediately. The result was an ambulance arriving in minutes and transporting him to a hospital where he could get a lifesaving clot buster ASAP.

Macaig will be working with the American Heart Association now to try to ensure quality stroke care for all Vermonters. And we think that's just great!

Take a minute to click on the following link to help others, and perhaps yourself, by learning the FAST warning signs. Listen to the FAST parody song. Its a fun and easy way to learn!

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