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Renewed Call To Action for CPR in NH Schools


Schools across New Hampshire are back in session! And now is the time to renew our push to get hands on CPR training into school curriculums. Schools are the place we expect our children to learn not only the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, but to become active members of their community. One thing we’d all like to see our children learning, is how to perform CPR should they ever witness someone who collapses in cardiac arrest. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, we know our kids are capable of saving a life if only they are trained to deliver CPR while waiting for an AED. Many high schools in NH teach students CPR, but not ALL students are receiving hands-on training even in those schools. The AHA wants New Hampshire to adopt the requirement that all students graduate high schools having been trained in CPR. When we do, Granite-staters will have ever-increasing odds that someone nearby will be able to respond with this life-saving skill. This school-year our decision-makers, from legislators down to local school boards, need to hear from advocates like you that CPR taught in schools will result in thousands of new lifesavers in our communities every year. If you know of anyone - a loved one, co-worker or yourself – saved because a bystander knew CPR, please share your story with us today!

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