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Chat #2: Improving Americans' Eating Habits
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
1:30 - 2 PM ET / 10:30 - 11 AM PT

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Unfortunately, many Americans live in environments that do not support heart-healthy lifestyles. That is why the American Heart Association supports policies that promote healthy eating in work places and schools; encourage food producers, restaurants, and retail establishments to make healthy choices widely available and more affordable, particularly in underserved rural and urban areas; and provide Americans with guidance to make informed decisions.  Strong nutrition policies such as these are critical to keep Americans in good health. The association is working on several fronts to improve Americans eating habits. 

Join David McGoldrick, AHA Federal Grassroots Manager, as he speaks with Kristy Anderson, AHA Senior Government Relations Advisor, about: 

  • Problems associated with poor nutrition
  • How the AHA is addressing nutrition issues through federal policy efforts 
  • Timely ways you can help
August 17, 2021 at 1:30pm - 2pm
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