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Quick question - name one thing in your life that isn’t directly affected by who we elect to local, state, or federal office.


Hard to do, right? Everything in our lives from the chair we sit in to the food we eat to the roads we drive on, have something about them that is rooted back to a law or policy that has been created. As a You’re the Cure advocate, we don’t have to tell you how important it is to have a say in our government and the laws created.  

We are in uncertain times and while there’s a lot to think about in our personal lives, there are many issues that affect our personal lives that are decided by people in a room somewhere. Many times, these people are elected by We The People. So, decisions about our lives are decided for us by the people we put in those rooms. If we want to have a say in what comes out of those rooms, we must take part in deciding who is in them. That’s why we need to register to vote.

You know who actually won the 2016 Presidential election by a landslide? Nonvoters. That’s right, non-voters dominated that fateful November night. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, your candidate lost to people who didn’t vote at all. If you want to do something about that, you should register to vote. If you’re already registered, pledge to register 5 other people. It’s easy to do! Go to to find out if you’re registered to vote, register to vote, find your polling place, get an absentee ballot, and more!

Registering to vote is the easiest way that we can all do our part and fight to make sure that the people making the decisions are the people we want to be there.  

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