Are You Ready to Help Protect Colorado Kids from Tobacco Addiction?

Across Colorado You’re the Cure is at the center of trying to protect our young people from a lifetime of nicotine addiction. We have been fighting to establish state and local policies that will help us protect our young people starting tobacco use and provide the resources to help current users quit. 

According to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, tobacco is taking a heavy toll on Colorado. 1400 kids under age 18 become new smokers each year and sadly, 91,000 kids under age 18 and alive in Colorado will ultimately die prematurely from smoking.  It is breaking our hearts and we need to act now to protect our young people.

One of the ways as an advocate you can make a big impact is by sharing why an issue is important to you. Will you tell us why you have joined the fight to reduce the toll of tobacco in Colorado? 

Share your story now.


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