Recap of the 2016 Legislative Session


Guest Blogger: Nicole Olmstead, Government Relations Director - Arizona

The 2016 Legislative Session here in Arizona has finally ended, on May 7, 2016.  During the session, we continued our campaign to have Arizona join the ranks of 31 states across the US that require Hands-On CPR training before graduation.  At the beginning of March, our CPR in Schools Bill, SB 1137, sponsored by Senator Jeff Dial, passed the Arizona Senate with a vote of 22-8 and was sent to the Arizona House of Representatives for consideration.  The bill moved through the House with tremendous momentum and support until the final House floor vote. 


Due to unfortunate timing, the legislature shifted focus to the Arizona budget and delayed votes on all other legislation. The Arizona Legislature passed the budget on May 4, 2016 and began the consideration of the remaining bills, including our CPR in Schools bill, before they adjourned for the year. 


Shortly after on May 6, 2016 Senate Bill 1137 passed the House Floor by a vote of 34 to 20!


The bill has been signed by Governor Ducey on May 12th! Thank you so much for your support this campaign.  We couldn't have passed this lifesaving legislation with you!

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