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Recap of Kentucky’s 2013 Legislative Session!


Kentucky’s 2013 legislative session ended late on Tuesday, March 26th after a long day of negotiations that led to passage of pension reform for public employees and a compromise on the hemp legislation and voting rights for the military. For a session that began with widespread speculation that little would be accomplished, the legislature rose to the occasion and addressed a number of important issues including pension reform, child protection and human trafficking. 

Newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease – one of AHA’s main priorities for 2013 also found favor in the legislature passing both the House and Senate unanimously.  Now that the legislation has become law, we will begin working with the Department for Public Health working on a regulation, which will establish the protocols and guidelines for the screening. You can visit our action center to send your legislator an email thanking them for passing this significant legislation.

Unfortunately, the legislature failed to act on the Smoke Free Kentucky legislation.  In a state that leads the nation in lung cancer deaths and smoking rates, it is tragic that the General Assembly lacks the political will to protect all Kentuckians from toxic secondhand smoke.  All Kentuckians will pay the price for this missed opportunity to reduce smoking’s tremendous health and economic burden on the state. With help from our You’re the Cure Kentucky advocates, the American Heart Association and our partners remain committed to this issue and we will not stop working until all Kentuckians are protected from exposure to secondhand. Please take the time to visit out action center and let your legislator know this issue is important to you.

A big thank you to all of our You’re the Cure Kentucky advocates!

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