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Recap of 2016 Regular Session and Sneak Peek into Special Session


Thanks for your support over the last few months. It has be an extremely busy legislative session and I wanted to provide a brief recap.


You may remember session starting off very fast and furious with us simultaneously working on two tobacco control policies: a $1 increase to the state’s tobacco tax and continued efforts on the smoke-free indoor workplaces bill.


At the beginning of this legislative session Governor Walker proposed Senate Bill 133 which would increase in the state tax on tobacco products by $1 per pack of cigarettes to reduce tobacco use and raise revenues.  SB 133 was heard in the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee, but was held prior to a vote.


SB 1, our Smoke-Free Workplaces bill, flew through Senate Committee hearings and passed off the Senate Floor with overwhelming support. Unfortunately, the bill didn’t make it out of committee before the end of regular session.


While the regular session ended without a number of issues being resolved (including SB 133 or SB 1). Governor Walker called the State of Alaska into special session to discuss a number of pending fiscal issues including a $1 increase to the state’s tobacco tax.


Please see here, specifically item 6, for the official proclamation from Governor Walker.


Special session is expected to move extremely fast.  To stay up-to-date and support our efforts, please click here to take action on pending alerts.  In this short, special session, your actions can be the difference between victory and defeat!


If you want to take your advocacy engagement to the next level, please contact me for more details.

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