Anyone else excited for their kids to go back to school??? Cause I know I am 😊

But depending on where you live, sending your kids back to school could mean a lot more driving for you or worrying every moment that your kids will find a way to get to school safely.

Cities and the Department of Transportation stretch limited resources out as much as they can to try and fix problematic issues that determine whether kids walk, ride, or roll to school: sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting and other items all contribute to child safety. But the reality is that your community needs you – your voice, your concerns, and your experiences.

hero_image_alt_text===A picture of a cracked sidewalk
thumbnail_alt_text===A picture of a cracked sidewalk

As you prepare for the upcoming school year I’m reissuing a challenge that I made last year - walk the path that your children or grandchildren will soon be embarking upon from their home to their school. See for yourself what the route your child will take looks like. If there are problem areas, take the time to help your little ones know how to navigate around them. Document where these areas are and snap a picture of them as well. Take to social media and use the hashtag #SafeRoutesUT. Share these pictures, locations, and stories with your friends, neighbors, cities and locally elected officials! Help them understand the safety concerns you have in your community. Let your city and state representatives understand that there is a shortage of funds for the Safe Routes to School program, and that additional funding will address the infrastructure problems that are needlessly putting our children’s lives at stake. Help them know that there are things all of us can do to fix these issues in each of our areas.

With your help, and working with the State’s Safe Routes to School Program, we will make a difference for the children around us and help create safer, more accessible neighborhoods for all of us to enjoy.

From missing crosswalks:

To missing crossing guards:

To missing or damaged sidewalks:

With your help, we will not only be a relentless force for good in our communities, but we’ll help to make things safer and healthier along the way!

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