Ready...Set...Go! And we're off in New York City!


There is so much going on this week in New York City!  It's after midnight, and I'm just now getting to submit this blog post.  Here's why I'm burning the midnight oil...

  • On Wednesday morning, the American Stroke Association (yes, that's us!) is supporting a press conference with Council Member Mathieu Eugene as Resolution 982 is posted for a vote by Council.  For those that took action on the alert a few weeks ago, you'll remember that Reso 982 asks Congress to increase funding to the NIH, specifically for stroke research.  Sound good?  Yeah, we thought so too!
  • Right after that press conference, we're heading across the street to Council offices to present to the Council Women's Caucus about our Go Red for Women movement and how the past 10 years have changed the landscape when it comes to women fighting their number one killers - cardiovascular diseases and stroke! 
  • And as if that all weren't enough for one morning, we next head back across the street to City Hall for yet another media opportunity with the Women's Caucus and Speaker Quinn as Council presents a city proclamation to the American Heart Association in honor of Go Red for Women, National Wear Red Day and American Heart Month!

It's a lot of running back and forth, but it will be so worth it...not only for the awareness building process, but also for the calories burned as we run across Broadway!

But wait...we're not done yet....are you ready for the biggest, most exciting development yet for the American Heart Association in New York City?  Really ready?  I mean, really, really ready??  Well,'ll have to wait until Thursday!  I can't wait to share with you the results of a really important that will hopefully bring us some much needed headlines about a certain 800 lb. gorilla! 


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