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Reading, Writing, Resuscitation!


Twelve states throughout the country have passed laws requiring that high schools students receive CPR training before graduating high school. While the training need not be a "certification" course, it should provide students with an opportunity to practice compressions on a manikin or other equipment to develop psychomotor skills. Such a training can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Wouldn't it be great if NJ became the 13th state to pass this law?

A new session of the Legislature started in January 2014. We are excited that a bill that would require NJ high school students to learn CPR prior to graduation was reintroduced. Senator Allen and Senator Vitale are the sponsors of S235, which was referred to the Senate Education Committee. Assemblyman Angel Fuentes is the sponsor of A2072, which was referred to the Assembly Education Committee.

We thank Senators Allen and Vitale and Assemblyman Fuentes for their leadership and support on this important legislation. It is our hope that more legislators will join as co-sponsors and that the bill will be moved for a vote quickly!

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