"Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act" Clears Assembly!


On December 19, the NJ Assembly passed the "Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act" by a margin of 79-0! There was not one, single dissenting vote. This bill makes sure that parents, coaches and student athletes get information about sudden cardiac arrest prior to participating in school sports. But, perhaps more importantly, it requires that school coaches receive CPR certification. This requirement ensures that someone trained in CPR will be present whenever a student athlete, coach or spectator suffers cardiac arrest at a school sponsored sporting event.

In the near future, we will be asking our advocates to reach out to Governor Christie to urge him to sign this legislation soon!

It is important to note that athletes are not the only students at risk of cardiac arrest, it can strike any one at any time. It is our hope that any information developed will be available to all students and their families.

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