"CPR in Schools" Campaign Underway - We Need Your Help!


Legislation has been introduced at the State House that would require all high school students to receive hands-on CPR training and an overview of automated external defibrillator (AED) use prior to graduation as part of the health education curriculum.  This bill is one of the American Heart Association’s top priorities for the Legislative Session – and we need your help to get it passed!   



What can you do to help???

  1. Contact your representative and senator today and urge them to support the "CPR in Schools" bill.  Just click this link to take action: http://yourethecure.org/aha/advocacy/composeletters.aspx?AlertID=32109
  2. Sign a petition!  Click the following link to download a petition - just write a personal note and mail it to Megan Tucker, American Heart Association, One State Street, Suite 200, Providence, RI 02908.  We'll deliver petitions during our RI Lobby Day on May 15.  (Please visit the site to view this file)

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen any place, and at any time.  CPR is the lifesaving solution, doubling or even tripling survival rates.  If bystanders do not perform CPR, most victims die.  Sadly, the demand for CPR is high, but the supply of people with basic CPR skills is low and inconsistent.

Let’s save more lives.
Let’s train the next generation of lifesavers.
Let’s teach Rhode Island students to be CPR Smart.

With “hands-only” CPR, learning the basics of this lifesaving skill has never been faster or easier.  In less than the time it takes to watch a 30 minute TV sitcom, students can receive the skills they need to help save someone’s life with CPR.  With a short time investment, today’s students will become tomorrow’s lifesavers.


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