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 We are getting down to the wire on the state budget. The House budget proposal, which included $1 million in recurring funds for QuitlineNC, was passed late last week. However, since the Senate budget included a higher allocation of $1.4 million in recurring funds to maintain QuitlineNC, this item will be controversial and will be discussed by the House and Senate Budget Conference Committee.

Urge your lawmakers to include the Senate's proposal of $1.4 million for QuitlineNC in the final budget agreement.

Every year, sixty percent of North Carolina smokers make a serious, but failed, attempt to quit. With access to QuitlineNC resources, these smokers are three times more likely to quit and stay tobacco-free. The additional $400,000 will allow the state to serve many more people who want to quit and help them to do so successfully.

Helping smokers quit affects us all. When we help smokers quit, we save on Medicaid and other healthcare costs.

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