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Put a spring in your step. The new season brings opportunities to reboot, refocus on health

Recently the American Heart Association published an article on easy ways to reboot and refocus on health with some easy tips.

hero_image_alt_text===Woman holding basket of cleaning supplies
thumbnail_alt_text===Woman holding basket of cleaning supplies

The American Heart Association recognizes spring is a time of renewal. People begin to clean their homes, begin planning their gardens and planning Summer vacations, but it is also a time to look at new fresh ways to improve overall health. 

Here are 4 ways to energize your healthy habits: 

Clean Out the Clutter

While creating a peace of mind with cleaning you also give your body the opportunity to keep moving by digging in your closets, washing windows, getting down to clean baseboards, and walking around with the vacuum, just make sure to turn it on first.

Sounds like plain old labor, but these movements can also be healthy and prevent yourself from becoming stagnant. Physical activity is not strictly defined by going to the gym or running laps. General house cleaning can burn up to 136 calories per hour. Moving large furniture and boxes can increase calories burned to 340 per hour, according to website Calorie Lab.

Keep Your Food Supply Updated and Healthy

With many great spring vegetables coming into season and restock of pantry items after a long winter gives you the chance to reset your meal planning or swap out some healthier options. 

Don't let your cupboards sabotage your meal prep. Look for low or reduced salt times and avoid added sugars in foods and beverages. Even bring in some new spices to the mix instead of reaching to refill the salt shaker. 

Go Outside

You may be eager to get out on your patio or begin preparing your lawn and garden. These activities not only allow for a pleasant outdoor space, but also a "zone of peace". There are many hidden forms of exercise in preparing outdoor spaces too. For example you may lift patio or decorative stones back into place, carry pots, push wheelbarrow, plant seeds, bring out the grill and patio furniture, and do lawn maintenance. 

“Getting back to nature can help you connect with yourself and improve your overall sense of well-being,” said Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, a holistic health counselor, a Harvard Business School-trained strategist and an American Heart Association spokeswoman.

Look Ahead

Continue to plan physical activity in and outdoors. By keeping a plan for physical activity your body will be more prepared for the upcoming spring and summer vacations. Brisk walks, dancing, or taking stairs instead of elevators will keep you on your toes and fit for long vacation days and also help in meeting the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days a week.

Why not make more of your vacations and get a jump start on planning by walking to your local library for information. 

For more details and even more tips about each of these areas visit the American Heart Associations article HERE.

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