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Pulse Oximetry Screening Rules - Closer to Reality


Many of you helped us in 2013 pass SB 98, Require Newborn Pulse Oximetry Screening.  The Governor’s signature of the law was a big step forward to ensuring all newborns were screened but the work isn’t done yet.  The law required rules to be written to implement screening all newborns with pulse oximetry.   In July 2014 temporary rules were adopted by the Rules Review Commission as the first step in implementation. 

On February 11, 2015 Dr. Gerri Mattson presented the proposed permanent rules to the NC Public Health Commission.  This work was the culmination of months of work by a large stakeholder group of professionals from all across the state.  You’re the Cure advocates Valerie King and Kristina Smith traveled to Raleigh for the Public Health Commission Meeting to hear the discussion.  As mothers of babies born with critical congenital heart defects, they know the importance of pulse oximetry screening for all newborns. 

Following Dr. Mattson’s presentation the Commission discussed the rules and the screening.  Both Valerie King and Kristina Smith provided expert testimony in support of the rules and shared their own personal stories.  Their personal experiences were moving and helped ensure the unanimous vote of the Commissioners. 

The next step in the process is for the rules to be voted on by the Rules Review Commission in March 2015.  If adopted by the Rules Review Commission the rules will be effective April 1, 2015.  We will be there to report on the vote. 

Many thanks to Valerie King and Kristina Smith for sharing their time and stories to make a difference for all newborns! 

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