Pulse Oximetry is up for the final test


You might remember House Bill 1347 by Representative Dan Kirby and Senator Kim David; a bill that passed the Oklahoma Legislature during the 2013 legislative session.  This new law will ensure all newborn babies receive a simple, non-invasive pulse oximetry screening before leaving the hospital.  This bill passed the legislature with unanimous support and is now at the final point in the process before full implementation.

The bill commissioned the Oklahoma State Department of Health to develop administrative rules to oversee the implementation of the screening.  The draft rules are now open for public comment. From now until November 1st, anyone that lives in the state of Oklahoma can submit written comments urging the Board of Health to approve the rules.

Once the comments are collected, a report summarizing the comments will be presented to the Board of Health for their final approval of the administrative rules.  If you have any questions about the regulatory process, or would like to submit public comments in support of pulse oximetry, please contact Naomi Amaha at [email protected].

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