Short-term health plans a bad deal for heart and stroke patients

Proposed federal regulations would extend the maximum length of short-term, limited-duration health plans to to 364 days, one day short of a full year. Meant to be a short-term solution and not to provide people with long-term health care coverage, these plans are not required to meet the patient protections established by the Affordable Care Act. As a result, insurers can impose lifetime and annual limits on coverage, limit what medical services are covered, and charge people with preexisting conditions more or deny them coverage entirely.

As healthy people take advantage of these inadequate but cheaper health plans, people with serious health conditions will be forced to pay increased premiums for comprehensive plans that cover critical health care.

The outcome is clear: Patients living with heart disease, stroke survivors and others with pre-existing conditions will suffer if this rule becomes law. Contact HHS NOW!

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